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Posted by Sami-Hikari - October 11th, 2008

...Okay, so, just as a small update....

I've actually gotten Flash 8 and have been messing around with a few small things. Hopefully in the upcoming months I'll get off my lazy ass and bother to make something to submit, but I've got end-of-year exams soon so it might not be till christmas time. I'm sure none of you mind though - it's not like I have people waiting on the edge of their seats for my unknown stuff, heh. But it'll be a fun little project over the summer holidays. (Or the American winter season, for those confused).
Yeah, America, you guys get SNOW for christmas and I get blazing heat. NOT cool. Not cool at all. And I mean that very literally. Ah well, such is life.

T'was messing around with motivational posters and made one based on Monty Python's The Holy Grail. You like? It should be below, go take a look.
Anyway, take care everyone and hopefully my flash stuff starts turning out okay. <3 Much love.
Bye for now.



Posted by Sami-Hikari - October 2nd, 2008

Ah, Unrequited Love

When I met you
I was half a child
The world, though dark
Was somewhat mild.
I never knew
It mattered not
You weren't then close
And I forgot
How deadly men
Can grow to be
And demon spawn
You grew on me.
Don't get me wrong
I love the night
It covers up
Then sets things right.
You've changed my mind
And all my soul
You swallowed me
Then spat out whole
My inner heart
That aches and burns
For you it toils
And always yearns.
You are my hurt
You are my pride
Yet you hold me up
To heal me inside.
When I met you
I then was dead
I still am now
But alive instead.
A living doll
With you inside
So charmed and droll.
The golden apple
of sweet discord
Whose presence can
Not be ignored.
So take my hand
And want me back
Or else my life
Shall grow to lack.
So take my hand
And want me back
Or all I cherish
Shall fade to black.
So take my hand
And love me too
Or I will lose
My life to you.


The picture included is from the anime Vampire Knight, by Matsuri Hino. The two characters depicted, Yuki and Kaname, are in love, but have difficulty coming to terms with it. I felt it went well with the poem I just recently wrote, and I hope you enjoy the image as much as I do.

New Poem: Ah, Unrequited Love.

Posted by Sami-Hikari - September 17th, 2008

Child's Longing

Hush, sweet child.
They will be here.
Cease your whining
There's naught to fear.
Beauty sleeps
And theirs is near
Time's forc-ed spear.
in eyes has changed
are rearranged.
But they'll be here
Through those estranged
features in time
that arrive deranged.

Hush, sweet child
All will be right.
Cease your whining
It darkens the night.
On and off
with dark and light
Yet we know not
Who wins fate's fight.
Sleep in time
To dream of those
Who were met first
with angel's clothes.
They will not mind
I don't suppose
So rest, my child
In time's repose.


The picture I included is relevant to how I felt when I wrote this poem. To quote my emotions at the moment: "without life I am a wilted butterfly, without my star I am a drone. If you would only now be part of me, I would not quite be so alone."

New Poem: Child's Longing.

Posted by Sami-Hikari - September 17th, 2008

Decided to post it because I realised I had nothing remotely creative up here, so I hope you enjoy it, whoever's reading. It's free-verse, so that means it doesn't have a rhyming scheme whatsoever. Either way, I enjoyed how it turned out at the time. Here we go:

Baffled Ways.

I am the sort of person, I find
Who others lean upon
In troubled times
To lend and ear and a view,
Yet this is not my way today.

Obsessed by memories of you
I climb, abandoned
Into shine-less sun
Reluctant to listen
And more hesitant still to comment
On woes more personal to them
Than my bitter dissatisfaction.
Lackluster conversations float
About my head in a cloud
Kept at bay by a tassel leash,
For no speech could match
That of your divine tongue
And heart of purest gold
Which I once begged to share.
Yet, no, this is not my way today.

I sit, guarded
Like a penitentiary
Wondering which poor souls
Will come to release their evil deeds.
But advice I can none offer
Nor comfort I dare provide
Without the lingering grace
Of thine and thy light.
Once I could stand a week
Without reflection from your time.
Yet this is not my way today.


An Old Poem

Posted by Sami-Hikari - July 1st, 2008

Greetings, one and all. As I've forgotten for ever-so-long to do this, I may as well do it now.
I'm talking, of course, about introducing myself. The space in my newgrounds details is pathetically small, and while I'm not writing any essays by describing myself here, I figured it was worth a shot.

My LABEL, if you choose to give me one (as people, even I, so commonly do), is GOTHIC.

My hobbies involve writing, singing, drawing, poetry, collecting manga, reading, watching anime, listening to music, being generally philosophical/spiritual and trying not to let the wolves of this world get me lower down than I already am.

My favourite bands are My Chemical Romance, The Rasmus, Sixx AM, Marilyn Manson, Tokio Hotel, Blue October, Disturbed, The Used, Miyavi, System of a Down and a great amount of select others who I listen to a little less than those.

My favourite movies are impossible to list, as I have so many. I'll try and shorten the list as much as I can by putting things into groups:
-Any film directed by Tim Burton (especially Sweeney Todd)
-Any film starring Johnny Depp (again, especially Sweeney Todd and Sleepy Hollow)
-Most Stanley Kubrick films (especially The Shining, Clockwork Orange)
-The SAW Quartet. (A.K.A.: Saw 1-4)
-Harry Potter films 1-7 (Number 5 is the best so far)
-The Lord of the Rings trilogy
-The Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy
-All anime films by Studio Ghibli
-Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie
-Kung Pow: Enter the Fist
-Origin: Spirit of the Past
-Moulin Rouge
-The Exorcist
-The Omen trilogy
-Bruce Almighty / Evan Almighty (both are good)
-Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks
-Dragon Ball Z: Bardock, Father of Goku
-All Monty Python films
-Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
-Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
-Interview with The Vampire
-Queen of the Damned
-Donnie Darko
-Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
-House of Flying Daggers
-Memoirs of a Geisha
-Curse of the Golden Flower
-Hitler: Rise to Power
-The Da Vinci Code
-Angels & Demons
-Pokemon films 1-3
-Looking for Alibrandi
-The Hannibal Lector Trilogy (the original three, not the Hannibal Rising crap)
-Rabbit Proof Fence
-Party Monster
-Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
-Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend
-Angel Sanctuary
-V for Vendetta
-Brokeback Mountain
-Lost and Delirious
-Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
-Bicentennial Man
-War of the Worlds
-The Day After Tomorrow
-The Simpsons Movie
-The South Park Movie
-Pan's Labyrinth
-The Lion King
-Wolf Creek
-The Shawshank Redemption
-The Player
-The Matrix Trilogy
-Garden State
-Billy Elliot
-The Emperor's New Groove
-House of 1000 Corpses
-The Devil's Rejects
-Shaun of the Dead
-28 Days Later
-Eight Legged Freaks
-Love Actually
-Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
-Spy Game
-Ninth Gate
-Meet Joe Black
-Event Horizon
-Jurassic Park films 1-3
-My Best Friend's Wedding
-Sixth Sense
-Sex and the City
-And many more...

My favourite book genres are angst, fantasy, romance, romantic comedy, horror and other such. The following books are good enough to be my favourites:
-A Density of Souls (Christopher Rice)
-Interview with The Vampire (Anne Rice)
-The Vampire Lestat (Anne Rice)
-Queen of the Damned (Anne Rice)
-Tale of the Body Thief (Anne Rice)
-Memnoch the Devil (Anne Rice)
-Blood and Gold (Anne Rice)
-Blood Canticle (Anne Rice)
-American Psycho (Brett Easton Ellis)
-Glamorama (Brett Easton Ellis)
-Misery (Stephen King)
-Delores Claireborne (Stephen King)
-Pet Semetery (Stephen King)
-Deltora Quest series (Emily Rodda)
-Harry Potter series (Joanne Kathleen Rowling)
-Somewhere Around the Corner (Jackie French)
-Tajore Arkle (Jackie French)
-Tom Appleby: Convict Boy (Jackie French)
-Hitler's Daughter (Jackie French)
-Walking The Boundaries (Jackie French)
-Looking for Alibrandi (Melina Marchetta)
-Saving Francesca (Melina Marchetta)
-Encyclopedia of Mythology (Arthur Cotterell, Rachel Storm)
-Silence of the Lambs (Thomas Harris)
-Hannibal (Thomas Harris)
-Red Dragon (Thomas Harris)
-The Exorcist (William Peter Blatty)
-Legion (William Peter Blatty)
-The Satanic Bible (Anton LaVey)
-Everworld series (K.A. Applegate)
-The Chronicles of Narnia (C.S. Lewis)
-Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll)
-Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen)
-YuGiOh Manga (Kazuki Takahashi)
-Vampire Knight Manga (Matsuri Hino)
-Chobits Manga (CLAMP)
-Carcaptors Manga (CLAMP)
-Loveless Manga (Yun Kouga)
-Gravitation Manga (Maki Murakami)
-The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle (Haruki Murakami)
-The Umbrella Academy (Gerard Way)

Similarly, my favourite television shows are hard to list, and I've got quite a few. I want to be quick about this, so no flashy introduction. Favourite TV shows:
-Death Note
-Drawn Together
-Family Guy
-Sex and the City
-The Biggest Loser
-Big Brother
-Mew Mew Power
-One Piece
-Yu Yu Hakusho
-DN Angel
-Fruits Basket
-Puni Puni Poemy
-Excel Saga
-Midori Days
-Angelic Layer
-Final Fantasy Unlimited
-Dragon Ball Z
-Zoids C.C.
-Duel Masters
-Gundam Wing
-Sailor Moon
-Love Hina
-Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
-Law and Order: Criminal Intent
-Skit House
-Comedy Central
-The World Stands Up
-Late Night with Conan O'Brien
-The Late Show with David Letterman
-The Sketch Show
-South Park
-Rove Live
-MTV's Top 10 rock clips
-A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila
-The Ronnie Johns show
-Fear Factor
-Good News Week
-The Melbourne Comedy Gala
-Scream Test
-Toasted TV
-Most Haunted

As a little bit of extra information, I love sushi, Farmers Union Iced Coffee, video gaming and going to band gigs and comedy shows. There are a few quotes that I find I like to live my life by. These quotes are all by very wise and incredibly wonderful people, so I suggest that you take them as seriously and as meaningfully as I do.
Pay close attention to the following quotes:

"The ships hung in the sky much in the way that bricks don't." -Douglas Adams.

"They must find it difficult, those who have taken authority as the truth rather than truth as the authority." -G. Massey.

"He hoped and prayed that there wasn't an afterlife. Then he realized there was a contradiction involved here and merely hoped that there wasn't an afterlife." -Douglas Adams.

"In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move." -Douglas Adams.

"It is no coincidence that in no known language does the phrase 'As pretty as an Airport' appear." -Douglas Adams.

"There is a theory which states that if ever anybody discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another theory which states that this has already happened." -Douglas Adams.

"He felt that his whole life was some kind of dream and he sometimes wondered whose it was and whether they were enjoying it." -Douglas Adams.

"Space is big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind- bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist's, but that's just peanuts to space." -Douglas Adams.

"I find the whole business of religion profoundly interesting. But it does mystify me that otherwise intelligent people take it seriously." -Douglas Adams.

"There is an art, or, rather, a knack to flying. The knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss." -Douglas Adams.

"To punish me for my contempt for authority, fate made me an authority myself." -Albert Einstein.

"Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen." -Albert Einstein.

"I gotta tell you the truth. When it comes to bullshit, big time MAJOR league bullshit you have to stand in AWE of the all time champion of false promises and exaggerated claims: Religion. Think about it, Religion has ACTUALLY convinced people... that there's an invisible man living in the sky, who watches EVERYTHING you do EVERY minute of EVERY day. And the invisible man has a special list of ten things he does not want you to do. And if you do ANY of these ten things he has a special place full of FIRE and smoke and burning and torture and ANGUISH where he will send you to live and suffer and burn and choke and scream and cry, forever and ever, till the end of time. But he loves you. He LOVES you. He loves you... and he needs money! He always needs money! He's all-powerful, all-perfect, all-knowing, all-wise, and somehow, just can't handle money. Religion takes in billions of dollars, they pay no taxes and they always need a little more. Now, you talk about a good bullshit story... Holyyyy shit." -George Carlin.

P.S. The picture I included is a startling comparison of what I look like alongside a normal person. I see a big difference, don't you? Or is it more of a subtle thing...? Hrm.. Have to think about that a little more, perhaps.

Just a long-overdue introduction.