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An Old Poem

2008-09-17 04:14:52 by Sami-Hikari

Decided to post it because I realised I had nothing remotely creative up here, so I hope you enjoy it, whoever's reading. It's free-verse, so that means it doesn't have a rhyming scheme whatsoever. Either way, I enjoyed how it turned out at the time. Here we go:

Baffled Ways.

I am the sort of person, I find
Who others lean upon
In troubled times
To lend and ear and a view,
Yet this is not my way today.

Obsessed by memories of you
I climb, abandoned
Into shine-less sun
Reluctant to listen
And more hesitant still to comment
On woes more personal to them
Than my bitter dissatisfaction.
Lackluster conversations float
About my head in a cloud
Kept at bay by a tassel leash,
For no speech could match
That of your divine tongue
And heart of purest gold
Which I once begged to share.
Yet, no, this is not my way today.

I sit, guarded
Like a penitentiary
Wondering which poor souls
Will come to release their evil deeds.
But advice I can none offer
Nor comfort I dare provide
Without the lingering grace
Of thine and thy light.
Once I could stand a week
Without reflection from your time.
Yet this is not my way today.


An Old Poem


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