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New Poem: Child's Longing.

2008-09-17 12:20:58 by Sami-Hikari

Child's Longing

Hush, sweet child.
They will be here.
Cease your whining
There's naught to fear.
Beauty sleeps
And theirs is near
Time's forc-ed spear.
in eyes has changed
are rearranged.
But they'll be here
Through those estranged
features in time
that arrive deranged.

Hush, sweet child
All will be right.
Cease your whining
It darkens the night.
On and off
with dark and light
Yet we know not
Who wins fate's fight.
Sleep in time
To dream of those
Who were met first
with angel's clothes.
They will not mind
I don't suppose
So rest, my child
In time's repose.


The picture I included is relevant to how I felt when I wrote this poem. To quote my emotions at the moment: "without life I am a wilted butterfly, without my star I am a drone. If you would only now be part of me, I would not quite be so alone."

New Poem: Child's Longing.


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2008-09-28 21:39:20

Wow, you really have a way with poetry. I was imagining a tune to go with that poem, and it came out in my head pretty good sounding. lol And that's a great choice of a pic to go along with it, it really matches the imagery created from the words.