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Entry #5


2008-10-11 06:43:57 by Sami-Hikari

...Okay, so, just as a small update....

I've actually gotten Flash 8 and have been messing around with a few small things. Hopefully in the upcoming months I'll get off my lazy ass and bother to make something to submit, but I've got end-of-year exams soon so it might not be till christmas time. I'm sure none of you mind though - it's not like I have people waiting on the edge of their seats for my unknown stuff, heh. But it'll be a fun little project over the summer holidays. (Or the American winter season, for those confused).
Yeah, America, you guys get SNOW for christmas and I get blazing heat. NOT cool. Not cool at all. And I mean that very literally. Ah well, such is life.

T'was messing around with motivational posters and made one based on Monty Python's The Holy Grail. You like? It should be below, go take a look.
Anyway, take care everyone and hopefully my flash stuff starts turning out okay. <3 Much love.
Bye for now.



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2008-10-14 17:51:59

I'm looking forward to it :c


2008-10-20 09:35:21

you like anime


2008-10-26 05:56:40

Yes id love to see some flash work from you. Ni ni ni!


2008-10-26 17:55:06

I'm resubmitting my animation "rewind" as I have updated it quite a bit, you can check it out by looking at my submissions. I'm just going round leaving this comment to all the people who favourited it just in case you were wondering why its dissapeared.

PEACE and thanks for the favourite ;)


2008-10-31 23:06:05

lol i love that movie, well if you ever do start flashing and you get stuck thinking up stuff, just ask me for ideas my brain over flows with crap lol, most of its usless though.


2008-11-01 14:15:22

; )


2008-11-02 01:28:34

How about I step out in the hall for a second, I need to find my book


2008-11-06 22:02:41


One of my favorite movies

I have the two disc version with COMMENTARY!

I looked through some of your other posts

I am thrilled there is a fellow poet out here on Newgrounds

we should exchange some PM's with poetry soon

I also encourage you to make some of your own Flash

Making your own gives you the ability to be more critical of others and conversely offer more advice


2008-11-08 11:53:10

good good. make some sweet ass flashes.


2008-11-20 16:59:08

*giggles* Kawaii.

Good lick and stuff and looking forward to more stuff ^.^


2008-11-23 02:27:24

dun dun dunnnn
to be continued.......


2009-05-13 22:29:13

hi anime rocks.


2010-01-11 13:19:28

Long time no see.