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There are no words.

This has been...most enlightening.

*insert praising title here*

Never, EVER, have I seen Fancy Dog so muscular, so fit, so ultimately ready to get things done - Doggy Style! He's been in the gym, hasn't he? You slave drivers! Get that dog out of the gym! He doesn't belong there! He can't even stairmaster!
Loving the seriously dramatic pretence of the pieces and the new little quirky intro-ish thing. CUTE CHIBI SUN FTW! Even HE is a friend to Fancy Dog. Which makes me wonder how Fancy Dog has made friends with the sun without getting burnt to a crisp, but anyway. I hope they have enough water to hose down the mess he made of that forest.
Also, random squirrel listening to music pwns all. It's like Foamy, only real. Thumbs up.

BobtehLog responds:

Yes, he's been to the gym and he has been working hard. It's a bummer he took steroids.

So true. So very true.

Ah, I loved this because of the accuracy towards women. Why do most women bother with that sort of maintenance anyway? It's not as if it matters that much, truly. You can't form a relationship based just on how your partner looks, so evidently makeup is really pointless when it comes to romance. Thanks for the witty, point blank observations as per usual! They're quite fun to witness. So to all the women out there, LISTEN TO FOAMY, KAY? He's a wise squirrel. Probably the wisest. A++ video. Great job, keep it up.

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This is why NG is legendary

I'm hyped that you made a sequel. The first one was so amusing, haha. Next you'll have everybody begging you to make a third one, I'm sure. Loved all the .gif files you used - the one of The Joker clapping at the end was particularly fitting. Loved the layouts; it was nice to include a slice of the NG community in the last level. Also, wow, golden breasts. If that's not an idea then I don't know what is. xD Next time you should put clips from the Exorcist in. Just for extra oomph. Although were there any enemies to kill this time? I only saw them dead in the pool of semen. Oh well, it was great fun regardless. Thumbs up. A++

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I must say, it's darn good.

After reading all the other reviews I can't not leave one of my own. I saw this when it first came out and thought it was absolutely genius. To all those complaining about the use of tracing, how ELSE are we going to replicate the logos? I doubt anyone would want to completely redraw it from scratch - that would just result in a shoddy looking logo, and nobody wants Disney to come off looking bad. I DO like the Disney logo, and I'm not planning on recreating it, but I'm very glad I saw this and I think it's fun enough to just watch the various steps of creating it - it's also nice to know that I CAN create it if I so choose.

I do wish that those who left negative reviews didn't bother. What isn't useful to someone will undoubtedly be useful to someone else. After all, even Disney wasn't original - for a great deal of their films they used Anderson and Grimm tales.
A++ recreation. Good job.

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LordHayden responds:

Yes, someone who has sense.

Yeah, more clues needed.

So, I'm carrying around an incriminating document, a blue valve wheel and a pair of scissors with absolutely nowhere to use them. I've gone around each room clicking pretty much everywhere so unless it's a tiny area of undetectable pixels, it's impossible to work out. Also, can't get the left wing and the circular decoration that goes around the star decoration. Lost as to where either could be. Anything relevant about the locked bathroom? It seems to serve no purpose. Great game, really fun to play, but judging by my experience and the below reviews, clues are needed, badly.

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Oh man.

Fuck my life - that's it, I'm getting a computer stereo set so I can freaking listen to this song the way nature intended: with as many fucking speakers as humanly possible! Love it, can feel the vibrations going through the desk, though when I get the speakers the desk will probably collapse.

Dj-Fanta5t1c responds:

nature inteded this =)


The INSTANT it started my jaw hit the floor. Tense and adrenalising. I could picture this in an epic horror survival film - kind of like Dawn of the Dead only with way more guns and more Chuck Norris bravado. I feel my power level getting stronger just by listening to this fucking acid-inspired piece of glory. Hail DJF!

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Dj-Fanta5t1c responds:

plase hail BoC x.x thats my official name from now on =p.

I just know that...

...I am going to listen to this on the bus one day on my iPod and it'll completely blow out my eardrums and make my brain start bleeding out of every orifice. There'll be a huge scene on the bus and everyone will jump up going "OMG" and screaming "WE NEED AN AMBULANCE!". I? I'll just sit there going "Dude, shut the fuck up, you're ruining the best part."

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